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Tax Deadline Dates To Remember

With the start of the new year, preparation is in full swing to close out 2016 and begin the tax filing season. Here are a few dates to remember:

Jan 31st: W-2's are due to MN employees. 1099's are due to all contractors and independent workers.

Feb 6th: MN Annual Sales Tax due.

Feb 10th: Form 941/944 due if all 941/944 taxes were paid timely. Form 940 or 940-EZ due if all 2016 FUTA taxes were paid timely and for the full amount.

Feb 15th: Employees must have their W-2, Copy 2, in NE, NJ, NY and WV.

Feb 28th: W-2 information must be submitted to AZ, AR, GA, ID, KS, LA, MD, MI, MS, MN, MO, OH, RI, SC, VT and WV.

No state W-2s required in CA, HI, IA, NY and OK. There is no income tax in AK, FL, NH, NV, SD, TN, TX, WA and WY.

Paper Copy A 1099-MISC (for other than nonemployee compensation), 1099-R, W-2G and 1096 due at the IRS.

Paper Form 8027, Annual Tip Report, due at the IRS.

April 18th: Tax Day for 2016 Taxes

To find out your State tax deadline.