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Additional Services

Additional Checking Account $40/mo: If you have an additional checking account but meet the transactions for your package you can add it for an additional $40 a month.

Accounting Support $100/hr: When things arise that you need assistance with that do not fall into your package guidelines. A minimum of a ¬Ĺ hour will be charged.

Payroll Implementation $300: We will work with your payroll company to setup your company and employees to ensure an easy payroll conversion. This can typically take up to 6 hours to convert to a new payroll company.

Payroll Management $20/per employee: We will process your payroll through a major payroll company such as ADP or Paychex. This includes employee set-up: new employee, withholdings, health insurance, garnishments and direct deposits. After payroll has processed we will record into your accounting system. (Excludes Payroll fees, this is our fee to enter your payroll).

Payroll Reports $50: If you are signed up for a package that does not offer recording your payroll reports we will enter the information in to QuickBooks for an additional charge.

Payroll Support $100/hr: When circumstances arise and we are asked to contact the payroll company for things such as manual checks, special reports, stop payments, etc. (minimum of a half hour will be billed).

Sales and Use Tax Filing $100/mo: We will file and pay your sales and use tax monthly, based on the numbers you provide.

Accounting Clean-up: In order to achieve accurate financial statements, it is necessary to have your QuickBooks file updated. You will be charge based on the accounting package that best fits your business. However, if the ability to download your transactions isn't available, you will be charged an additional hourly rate of $100.

Monthly Review $100/hr: This great package is for small business owners who need a peace of mind knowing if their transactions are being posted correctly and reconciled on a monthly basis. Monthly review of posted transactions, Verify bank/credit card statements reconciliation amounts match with QuickBooks balances. Review total amounts for all transactions, summary report with any discrepancies. Minimum of 1/2 hour charged.

Yearly Review $100/hr: This annual tune up will provide you with an entire year review of your books conditions and financial status prior to filing a tax return, applying for a bank loan, selling or buying a business. You can expect us to review the Chart of Accounts, generate a summary report with recommendations and discrepancies, and provide Financial Reports (from your accounting program) including Income Statements, Balance Sheet, YTD P&L and YTD Comparisons. Minimum of 1/2 hour charged.

Custom Chart of Accounts and Classes $250*: This is for clients that have an internal accounting person but need help tracking transactions in QuickBooks. A custom Chart of Accounts is sometimes necessary along with Class Tracking. What's a Chart of Accounts? A chart of account is a listing of all your assets, liability, equity, income and expenses. A number and a name are assigned to each account. Why do you need Class Tracking? When creating a chart of accounts you have to be careful not to be too detailed, the more accounts and sub accounts you have the more time consuming and costly it can be for your tax professional. Class tracking can provide the extra detail in your numbers by running custom reports based upon the class, while keeping a clean chart of accounts.

*If a trip to your office is required or installation on your accounting system is necessary, a fee of $150 will be charged.

Consulting $100/hr: We will save you hours of valuable time and increase your efficiency by streamlining your accounting functions. Small and mid-sized businesses are increasingly challenged by rapidly changing technology, regulations, management techniques and financial requirements. We take the time to truly understand your business issues. As a consultant, we can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business by identifying and analyzing problems quickly and offering timely, practical, cost-effective solutions.

New Business Registration $150*: We will register your business with the IRS and the State.

* This is our fee; you are responsible for additional filing fees.