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2016 Rules for Summer Hiring for Family Businesses

Federal rules for 100% parent-owned businesses Owners’ children of any age can work any number of hours or time of day. No one under 16 can do hazardous work (e.g., with lawn mowers, sewing machines), or work near flammable or hazardous materials, or where food is cooked. If the only employees are immediate family, owners’…
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Helpful Tips to Reissue a W-2

With tax season coming to an end, you still may have employees that need a reissued W-2. A few pointers to granting their request are: 1. Having a company policy that will only respond to a request for a duplicate W-2 that is made in writing. 2. On a duplicate W-2, type "Reissued Statement" in…
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Are you liable?

Before you accept that great new job . . . . Bill and Tina were hired as CEO and CFO of a C corp. They soon discovered that the business already was delinquent on employment taxes for several quarters. Bill and Tina were given check-signing authority by the board. The business did not fare well, so it did not pay…
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